The Compass Pools difference is clear to see

Thanks to innovative technology and design, Compass Pools are recognised across the world for being cleaner, safer, easier to run, more cost effective to own, healthier to swim in and better to look at. Not only that, but a Compass Pool only takes around 5-10 days to install in your back yard - no tradesmen working at your home for weeks or months.

For over thirty years, Compass has been pushing the boundaries with innovative technology ... here's why choosing a Compass Pool is a safer investment

  • Easier to maintain and run - A Compass pool with Vantage gives you a low effort option for keeping your pool healthy and clean. Take the hard work out of maintaining your pool water and enjoy your pool instead!

  • A stronger pool - Only Compass can offer you the added peace of mind that comes with our patented Ceramic Composite technology. It's this technology which enables us to offer a lifetime structural warranty on our pools.

  • A better looking pool - Only Compass can offer access to our unique Bi-luminite pool surface. This creates an unmatched 3D effect which makes our pools look so impressive. And only Compass can provide added cosmetic protection with our ArmourShield™ technology.

  • More attractive to future buyers - Compass offer the added benefit of having a completely automated cleaning system - Real Estate Agents highlight the benefits of Vantage when selling to prospective buyers.

For over thirty years, Compass has been pushing the boundaries with innovative technology ... here's why choosing a Compass Pool is a safer investment
Looking after your pool has never been easier when you choose the Vantage operating system

The thing about water is that it needs to be moving to remain fresh and healthy. When left still for too long it stagnates and becomes contaminated with algae and bacteria. While traditional pool circulation systems move large volumes of surface water, the deep water tends to get neglected. The Vantage system removes pool water through a traditional skimmer, as well as an in-floor drain. It then returns the newly filtered water to the pool through a series of nozzles on the pool floor.

This ensures that all water right down to the floor is thoroughly circulated which reduces chemical burn-off and allows for a more even water temperature.

Arguably, the best benefit of the Vantage system is that the pool cleans itself. All you have to do is empty your leaf basket.

  • Improved circulation for healthier water.
  • Completely automated hands-free cleaning.
  • More efficient use of pool chemicals.
  • A more even pool temperature.

Compass Pools stood up to Nature

Compass Pools stood up to Nature

"After the recent quakes, my wife Jan and I decided to contact every single person within the city and outlying areas who owns one of our Compass Pools and out of nearly 80 pools (some of which were in the worst hit areas) only one suffered some cracking and one other had minor damage. Our customers thanked us for having one less headache because we supplied them with such a reliable product."

- Stuart Laing

What's the secret that makes our pools so tough?

What's the secret that makes our pools so tough?

When Jan and I got into the pool business we knew we had to have a product that was different from the rest. After years in the industry we found Compass - an amazing family-based business in Australia who was selling up to 2500 pools a year to Australian families. Our first thought was "if they're selling that many pools in a country where pools are so important they must be doing something right!"

That something turned out to be the pool's ceramic core and bi-luminite surface - a technology that separates Compass Pools from any ordinary fibreglass pool by a country mile. The fibreglass compound is mixed with millions of ceramic spheres which bond so tightly together that the pool becomes super tough, and even better, more resistant to the effects of being submerged in water and exposed to chemicals and UV. Essentially these pools offer the convenience of fast installation that all fibreglass pools offer, but none of the usual downfalls.

Here's a few benefits of Compass Ceramic-Composite Fibreglass Pools:

Super strong shells backed with a lifetime structural warranty

That's right, our ceramic composite biluminite pools come with a lifetime structural warranty, that's for your lifetime not the expected lifetime of the pool.

Smooth Surface:

A Ceramic-Composite fibreglass swimming pool has a surface that is smooth to touch, with no rough, abrasive edges.

Fast Installation:

A Ceramic-Composite fibreglass swimming pool can be installed within days meaning less disruption onsite at your home.

More Cost Effective:

A Ceramic-Composite fibreglass swimming pool has superior insulation so maintaining ideal water temperature is easier and less expensive.

Easy to clean:

A Cermaic-Composite fibreglass swimming pool with its uniform surface resists algae, making it easy to clean and maintain a safe chemical balance.

More reliable manufacturing:

As a factory assembled product, a Ceramic-Composite fibreglass swimming pool will deliver reliable, repeatable, dependable quality, without the insecurity of a one-off, on site construction.